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Welcome to AutoHookups.com! We are a website for all your Auto part and service needs. We provide you with content and information from the most reputable businesses in the industry. We offer information and hookups to auto services such as Auto Insurance, Auto Parts, Drivers Education, Traffic School, and more! We are the one site on the internet that offers you everything you need to get you on the road fast and cheap! Below are some of the offers we specialize in. This website will soon be the portal for all of your auto vehicle, motorcycle, and RV needs! We will offer information and links to deals on Auto Insurance, DMV Assistance, Drivers Education, Roadside Assistance, Traffic School, and more!

Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance is one of the most expensive services you must pay to drive your car. It is illegal to drive on public roads without auto insurance and can risk a driver tens of thousands of dollars in the event of an accident. AutoHookups.com will hook you up with free Auto Insurance quotes from many different reputable insurance agencies to get you the best price available for the coverage you desire. If you would like to retrieve a price quote on auto insurance, please visit our auto insurance page by clicking here: Auto Insurance

Drivers Education

First time drivers and teenagers under the age of 18 are required to take drivers education courses before obtaining a drivers license. Some high schools even require students to have completed this course in order to graduate! At AutoHookups.com, we provide solutions to the most affordable and reputable online driving schools available. With AutoHookups, you can save hours of time from in-class drivers education classes, and instead take the course online for as low as $20! All of the courses we offer will accredit the buyer with an authentic DMV documentation of drivers education, satisfactory for obtaining a drivers license or fulfilling high school requirements. You can start taking the course now by clicking here, or visiting our Drivers Education page for more info.

Traffic School

Got a ticket? It can be very stressful whenever one receives a traffic citation. Each citation or ticket would affect your driving record by accumulating points known as infractions. Infractions can not only suspend your license, but will raise your insurance premiums. However, courts usually allow a victim of a traffic violation to clear the infraction value of the violation by taking traffic school. Traffic school can be both costly and time consuming for the average person. You would generally have to pay money to attend a 2-5 hour session just to clear the violation. However, AutoHookups.com is partnered with several online traffic school organizations which are approved with most courts in the country to clear your record in as little as an hour! You can now take these online traffic school classes on your computer and your court and insurance company will be notified of your completion of the course. One of our partner’s lowest pricing for these accredited traffic school courses can clear your violations, and reduce your insurance premium for as low as $10.00. You can click here to visit them now, or click here to see more information about traffic school.