Drivers Education

Drivers Education is essential to obtaining a drivers license and required for those aged from 15 to 18 who wish to get their drivers license. Drivers education is usually taught in class, and may cost hundreds of dollars to take.

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Each online course satisfies the 30-hour classroom requirement, where you will receive a certificate of completion upon completion of the course. Everything you need to get your license, for one low fee.


Drivers Ed for Teenagers

Some high schools require students to complete a semester of drivers education before the student can graduate. State law also requires that a teenager must spend at least 30 hours studying in a drivers education course before they can obtain a drivers license. However, you can now take a drivers education course online, at your own leisure with your own flexibility in time to study, and taking the test to get the proper documents. Upon successful completion of the online course, the student will be mailed a Certificate of Completion (Form DL387C) on the next business day. This form can be used at DMV as proof of completion for drivers education, and can also be used satisfy the high school drivers education requirements. With drivers education online, you would no longer have to take a semester long class in high school when you can complete the online course at your own time to fulfill those requirements!

Do I need Drivers Education?

Drivers education is not just for teenagers. As a current driver or adult that is looking to get a drivers license, drivers ed is essential. Even though you may currently have a license, you will be required to retake a written exam at DMV. With DriverEdToGo, you will be provided DMV Prep material through award-winning proprietary software that will assist and prepare students to ace any DMV exam.

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